Corporate Wellness

Medifast Works™

About Medifast

Medifast is a leading wellness company delivering clinically proven weight-loss and weight-management programs that help people improve their overall well-being.

Developed by a physician, it's the brand recommended in the United States by more than 20,000 doctors since 1980.

Partner with us

Partnering with Medifast for your Wellness program ensures the support of an unusually committed company. We are passionate about helping you offer hope to those who yearn to be healthy but haven’t found the way. Obesity is both a physical and emotional problem and your employees will always be treated with dignity, care, and respect.

Our passion and commitment drives our dedication to provide the best weight-loss and weight–management program to your team. Medifast changes lives by producing results. Our programs change lives by helping people succeed. Because everyone has different goals and ways of learning, we offer highly effective programs that work.

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